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Vibrating In God’s Flow

“Can you recall times when things have continually gone wrong? Or conversely, do you remember periods when everything turned out great? We may have attributed either of these times to “the breaks,” or to coincidence. But, by and large, either outcome is likely to have been influenced strongly by our attitudes, thoughts, feelings and perceptions.
And the good news is that we determine these – which means that ultimately we control our own destiny. Learning how to do so effectively is one of the fascinating challenges of life.”
~Ron Scott

Today’s Affirmation

I make a conscious decision to align myself with the vibration of Spirit which is unceasingly harmonious, loving, joy-filled and whole.

Today’s Meditation

And, as we allow our self to move into alignment with the Spirit of all Life, we do so, understanding that situations around us may be troubling, even chaotic. And yet, we always have access to the Eternal Power of God.
We allow this awareness to fill our mind and to bring us peace and a sense of serenity.
We trust – even when circumstances appear otherwise – that God is working constantly to support our movement toward a greater good.
Truly, God, we are blessed – and we are grateful.

Renaissance Unity <http://www.renaissanceunity.org>