The Nature of Children

As little children, we are completely authentic. We never pretend to be what we are not. Our tendency is to play and explore, to live in the moment, to enjoy life.
Nobody teaches us to be that way; we are born that way.This is our true nature before we learn to speak.
~Don Miguel Ruiz

Today’s Affirmation

I am glad to be alive, to be where I am and to be who I am.

Today’s Meditation

Just exactly as you are, God loves you. All you need to do is to touch into that God part, the God-center within your heart. Because God created you, God sustains you. God lives within you as your ever-present help, your inner light, your sure compass, your sound guide. In this moment, realize that because God loves you, God is capable of taking care of your every need, just as you are. Open up to the divine resources that dwell within you. Catch the sense that you are so beloved of God that here is nothing holding you back from the heart-fountain of God that is pouring forth this wonderful energy of love. Feel it!

Renaissance Unity <>

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