“Humility brings peace for it does not claim that you must rule the universe, nor judge all things as you would have them be.”
~The Song of Prayer

Today’s Affirmation

I accept the will of God as my own.

Today’s Meditation

Dear God,

I am not sure what to pray for today.
Sometimes, I have thought that I knew what was best in a given situation;
only to have what I prayed for turn out to be only a further complication.
So in this moment, I pray for Your will for me and for our world.
I do not know what the solutions are to my own challenges or the bigger
issues we face as a nation and as a species on this planet.
I seek an understanding of Your will and the faith to live it out.
I pray for wisdom to notice where You are leading me.
I ask for the courage to let go and immerse myself in You.
As I release this prayer to the workings of Spirit, I am content to let it be.

Renaissance Unity <>

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