“Spirituality is the awareness that we are connected to Life with a capital “L.” This state of being is not dependent on the particular activity we are performing. So instead of denying your spiritual side until you have time to explore it, try doing what you’re doing with the attitude that you already are a spiritual being, and see how your daily life is influenced as a result.”
— Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman

Today’s Affirmation
I am consciously living the times of my life.

Today’s Meditation

Spirituality is for today, right now in this moment.
It is not necessary for me to create the perfect meditation environment, or travel to a holy place, or assume a specific position, posture or attitude.
Right where I am now, I shift my attention away from my thoughts to the place where I first notice my breath. In this moment, I consciously commune with the Divine.
I am connected to all life.
So it is.

Renaissance Unity <>

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