Open-mindedness comes with freedom from judgment. Just as judgment is a means of closing the mind, so open-mindedness opens us to the full experience of God.
– Jon Mundy

Today’s Affirmation
I will experience my day as peaceful, calm and centered.

Today’s Meditation
Dear God,

As I enter into the activities of this day,
this blessed day,
I ask that You help me to stay
open in mind and heart to
possibilities I may not see.
I release all forms of judgment,
preconceived ideas about
a person or situation.
I ask that You listen through my ears,
see through my eyes
and love through my heart.
For I know then that I will feel
the peace and guidance of
Your presence and the way will be clear.
Thank you, God,
for my innate ability
to be free from judgment.

Renaissance Unity <>


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