“Collaboration and reciprocity are natural, and yet in the world we
inhabit, competition and the fear of scarcity often block us from seeing
these ways of being with one another, In a you-or-me world, reciprocity
and collaboration don’t fit. A you-and-me world is full of collaborators,
partners, sharing, and reciprocity. In that world, our resources are not
only enough; they are infinite, When we bring the practice of
collaboration and reciprocity into conscious view in everyday life, a kind
of alchemy and prosperity await discovery all around us.”
~Lynne Twist

Today’s Affirmation
Guided by Spirit, I am creating a new relationship with money.

Today’s Meditation
Dear God,

You are the source and supply of everything I need.
I receive gratefully from Your infinite resources.
I am a clear and open channel for love, joy and abundance.
As I receive, I share and as I share, I receive.
There is enough of everything for everyone.
I open myself to a holy partnership with my sisters and brothers,
a partnership based on collaboration and reciprocity.
I place all issues about money in Your hands and follow Your guidance.
Divine order is established in my financial affairs.
May money and material things be for me according to Your will.
And so it is.

Renaissance Unity <>


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