“The first step to be taken in anything we wish to do is to seek divine assistance. To ask God to go with us and work with us, and to enter into such perfect spiritual harmony with God that we can feel His supreme power through and through – that is the first and most important, be it work pertaining to body, mind or soul.”
~ Christian D. Larson

Today’s Affirmation
I am living in harmony with God.

Today’s Meditation
Dear God,

I am learning to include you in every aspect of my life, to see Your direction about each decision.
There are no small matters.
I have long sought Your guidance in the big things:
Should I buy this house?
Is this the right relationship for me?
Should I change jobs now?
There is nothing I want to take care of on my own.
Express Your harmony and perfection through me.
Direct my thoughts and actions.
My heart is open to You.
This is an incredible way to live!
Thank You God

Renaissance Unity <http://www.renaissanceunity.org>


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