Keeping On

“So, keep on keeping on living the life which your inner voice directs, kindly, lovingly: giving help wherever you can, giving love and sustenance to this great work of illuminating all life. Your life is like a pebble dropped into a pool of water, creating ripples endlessly. You do not know the end of a word, a thought, an action.”
~White Eagle

Today’s Affirmation
I do what I am guided to do and leave the rest to God.

Today’s Meditation
Dear God,

Thank You for poems, quotations, songs, emails, feelings and whispers that remind me to stay steady and centered.
There is joy and sadness, peace and conflict, tragedy and triumph all around in our world.
Sometimes, I am too drawn to the negative side of life.
I get frustrated with myself, thinking that I should be doing more to make a difference.
I cannot see the effects that unfold from my activities and thoughts.
As I focus on who You would have me be, I trust that all things are in divine order.
May love be evident in my smile, talk and walk.

Renaissance Unity <>



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