Increasing Faith

“We have only to believe. And the more threatening and irreducible reality appears, the more firmly and desperately must we believe. Then, little by little, we shall see the universal horror unbend, and then smile upon us, and then take us in its more than human arms. No, it is not the rigid determinism of matter and of large numbers, but the subtle combinations of the spirit, that give the universe its consistency. The immense hazard and the immense blindness of the world are only an illusion to him who believes.”
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Today’s quote is taken from: The Divine Milieu

Today’s Affirmation
I believe that God is greater than every problem.

Today’s Prayer
Dear God,

Expand my ability to behold Your truth.
No matter what my eyes and ears report,
I know that Love is the greatest power in the universe.
It is my intention to fix my gaze upon You.
May Your will be my will.
Establish Your peace within my heart.
Help me see all things through Your eyes.
And so it is.

Renaissance Unity <>


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