Moment by Moment

“Insofar as we are able to stay attentive to the moment, we can serve the will of God. Insofar as we are able to abandon our ideas about what should happen, and what we demand to happen, and allow the situation as it is to reveal itself to us, we are amenable to discerning the will of God. ‘Thy will be done’ is a prayer that will force us into this present moment, if we pray it from the heart.”
~Regina Sara Ryan
Today’s quote is taken from: Praying Dangerously: Igniting the Inner Life

Today’s Affirmation
I am attuned to the voice for God.

Today’s Meditation
Dear God,

In this moment, I surrender all that I am, to You.
I seek knowledge of Your will for me, and the courage,
faith and conviction to live as You direct.
Establish Your heart of perfect wisdom in me.
Paint a new picture in my mind, beyond my beliefs,
fears, hopes and shortsighted perspective.
Your way is sweet and satisfying.
This is the moment that You have given me, with joy and hope,
I place it in Your hands.
May Your will be done, in and through me now.
May my being, be a blessing.
So it is.

Renaissance Unity <>

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