Patience and Acceptance

“If you have patience there is no hurry. You are not going anyplace. You are just going to be here. The ultimate interpretation is that made by the Holy Spirit. Patience and acceptance are synonymous. Patience comes in knowing that we have not forgotten Heaven; we only temporarily put it out of our minds. When we are sure of the outcome there is nothing that can upset us.”
~Jon Mundy
Quotation is from page 124 of “The Ten Laws of Happiness” Copyright (c) 1998 Royal Fireworks Publishing, Ltd.

Today’s Affirmation
As I increase my sense of aliveness, my body reflects increasing health, beauty and vitality.

Today’s Meditation
My life is secure in You, Dear God.
I need not hurry.
All these destinations are but meaningless encounters.
As I stop resisting life and accept what is, not with resignation,
but with my heart-felt patience, I will feel Your comfort and guidance.
I can then live a Heavenly existence filled with peace and joy –
nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.

Renaissance Unity <>

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