Beneath the Surface

“If, as has been said, it’s true that we have approximately 60,000
separate, often disconnected, thoughts during the day, then our mind is
like a pond that’s full of whitecaps from a choppy breeze. But beneath
that surface chatter is the gap where we can know God and gain the
unlimited power of reconnecting to our Source.”
~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Today’s Affirmation
I move beyond the surface, into the Source of me.

Today’s Meditation
Dear God,

Some days are calm and some are stormy;
but beyond these changing and temporary conditions is a deeper truth.
I am no longer satisfied to remain trapped on the surface of life.
With Your guidance, I move beyond the temporary and into the eternal.
Thank You for the joy that springs from deep places.
Thank You for taking me beneath the surface.
Thank You, God.

Renaissance Unity <>


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