“To deepen the relationship with the Beloved, follow the same principles of relationship that you pursue in the human realm. Thus you live the relationship throughout the day, bringing the same sensitivity to nuance and fine tuning that you would bring to a human love relationship.”
~Jean Houston

Today’s Affirmation
I take time and make room for my relationship with God.

Today’s Meditation
God of Love,

I consciously begin this day with You.
Outside, songbirds greet the dawn, reminding me of the sweetness of Your presence.
In these quiet moments, I turn my attention to the Love that feeds and fills me.
The light comes, driving away the nighttime.
What was only shadow a moment ago, takes form in the light.
My Beloved, let us walk together into this new day.
I offer myself to You completely.
Direct my steps and thoughts.
May this entire day be blessed by the connection we now share.
Thank You.

Renaissance Unity <>


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